Take a closer look at Apple’s powerful Preview application, which is capable of opening and converting many file formats, including .pdf and .jpg (picture) files. Preview comes included on every Mac, so everyone should learn how this useful app can simplify your workflow and make sharing files a snap. Preview is simple and straightforward to use. […]

FaceTime presented by Chris FaceTime is Apple’s video/audio conferencing software.  In this presentation Chris will demo making and receiving calls, and other features. Mini Presentation: Saving pictures from emails/messages presented by Charles

Worldwide Developer Conference Wrapup and extended Q & A WWDC 2017.key WWDC in 19 minutes

To Be Announced

An in-depth look at the advantages of owning an iPad and also a hand on look at the many ways that little flat object can make your life easier. We will also take a look at what new IPads are coming out.

A exploration of the new features of the iPhones 8, 8+, iPhone X and the Watch Series 3. Presented by Elizabeth Mini: Recent Software Updates, Presented by Charles Prizes 6-Port USB Charging Station with Simultaneous iSmart Charging Apple Logo Items iTunes Gift Card