OMUG is an Apple-recognized user group serving San Diego North County since 1992. OMUG offers benefits to everyone — people who are new to computers, iPads, iPhones, iPods, and Watches, people who are veterans in the technology industry, and everyone in between. OMUG  members help each other answer technical questions, give helpful advice on software selection, and provide a friendly environment where people can learn more about their devices. OMUG offers classes, one-on-one support, monthly meetings, an informative newsletter, member discounts, special interest groups with extensive Q&A, and of course, the inevitable camaraderie that all Apple enthusiasts share.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the General Meeting?

    The General Meeting consists of a Q&A session, Announcements, Break, Expert Presentation, and a Raffle.

  • What is the iOS SIG?

    IOS special interest group is focused on the use of iPods, iPhones, iPads, and of course Apps. Elizabeth hosts this SIG in her home, the first Saturday of each month, 1:00 — 3:00 PM. Refreshments are provided. Participants bring their enthusiasm, questions and answers.

  • What is the Basic SIG?

    Basic SIG is a major Q&A session to help members who have questions about devices and software that need more give and take than can be achieved in our regular meeting Q&A sessions. No question is too basic. Questions are taken from the floor as time permits after the pre-submitted questions have been answered. A $2 donation is requested. Visitors are welcome.

  • What is OMUG Fest?

    During the month of May OMUG members and friends gather together to celebrate all things Apple.

  • Why is there no meeting in May or November?

    Our May meeting is replaced by OMUGfest. We combine November and December into "Nocember" so that we can all have the holidays free.

Need Help Now?

OMUG is all about helping you get the most from your Apple devices. Feel free to drop us an E-mail, connect with us via social media, or give us a call.

Ginny Van Pelt

Membership Director
I can answer questions about Joining OMUG, General Meeting Info, and SIG Info. Contact me at (760) 757-4900 or via email.

Charles Finn

Secretary/Basic SIG Chairman
I can provide answers to your OMUG and Basic SIG questions. Contact me via email.

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Derek Gloster

Board Member

Lynne Williams

Treasurer/OMUG Fest Chairwoman

Duane Stevens

Drawing Chairman

Bill Colburn

Board Member

Fred Cutler

Board Member

Elizabeth De Boer

Basic SIG/iOS SIG Chairwoman, Webmaster
I can provide answers to your iOS and Apple Technical questions. Contact me via email.